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Option 1: using this website

Step 1
Please enter your details below and click on the submit button. A confirmation code will be sent to your mobile phone. (* = required field)
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Option 2: using SMS

MTN Contract or Prepaid Clients: SMS the word REGISTER to 31911.

You will receive an SMS requesting you to choose the way in which you would prefer to set up your profile.

You may set up your profile via SMS or the Internet*.

* PLEASE NOTE: Internet access is not required to start using WhereRU but the WhereRU website offers additional information and features.

Option 3: using WAP

  1. Go to wap.mtnwhereru.co.za on your cellphone using either GPRS or 3G
  2. Select "Subscribe Now!"
  3. Then select the "Yes" link to confirm subscription and if all the checks pass you will be subscribed

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