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MTN WhereRU Glossary

Alerts A polling system whereby a locator tracks a locatee at regular intervals. To add an alert to your profile, login to MTN WhereRU online (www.mtnwhereru.co.za). Also referred to as Periodic Tracking .

Block No new locators can be added to your profile when you block your mobile phone using the USSD menu. New locators can only be added 24 hours after unblocking your phone.


Permission to locate another mobile user -- also referred to as location rights. Consent can be cancelled at any time.

Cancel The action whereby a locator's rights to track a locatee are permanently withdrawn.

Consent Request The SMS sent by MTN WhereRU to a potential locatee asking for permission to be tracked by a locator.

Find See Locate.

Location The region defined by the message…

Locate Any action performed via MTN WhereRU to determine the location region of a locatable mobile phone.

Locatable mobile user

See Locatee.

Locatee A mobile user who can be tracked (after granting consent) by a locator. Please refer to the 'Costs' menu of this website if you are unsure of the cost implications as a MTN WhereRU locatee.

Location History A breakdown of the latest locations requested by you and your locator(s), viewable online at www.mtnwhereru.co.za. Also referred to as Reports if using the USSD menu.

Locator A mobile user subscribed for MTN WhereRU who has been granted location rights to track a locatee.

MTN WhereRU PIN The number sent to your mobile phone after subscribing for MTN WhereRU. You need to use this number to log into the MTN WhereRU website (www.mtnwhereru.co.za).

MTN WhereRU Setup The profile of a MTN WhereRU user detailing the days and time of day that the user is allowed to be located. This page of the website also enables you to change your MTN WhereRU PIN as well as manage your subscription.

MTN WhereRU Username
Your 10-digit mobile number used to log into the MTN WhereRU website (www.mtnwhereru.co.za).

MMS Multimedia Messaging Service: You will receive a MMS containing a map and the text describing the location of the mobile phone that you have tracked. This option is available when searching from your mobile phone via SMS or USSD -- refer to the user guide for more details.

Periodic Tracking

See Alerts .

Register See Subscribe .

Reports Using the MTN WhereRU USSD Main Menu via your mobile phone (*120*911#) you are able to view reports of the latest requests made by you, as well as requests made on you -- see also Location History .

Search See Locate .

SMS Short Message Service: The most common delivery method for sending location information to your mobile phone, when searching using SMS or USSD.

MTN WhereRU User Any Vodacom mobile user that is a locator and/or a locatee. Any MTN WhereRU user can log into the MTN WhereRU website. A new MTN WhereRU subscriber (locator) will receive his/her login details after subscription. A new locatee will receive his/her login details after granting location rights to a locator. Only MTN WhereRU subscribers can perform location searches.

SMS Log A list of the latest SMS messages sent to and received from your mobile phone from MTN WhereRU.

Subscribe You become a MTN WhereRU subscriber by sending the word REGISTER to the number 31911 from your mobile phone or by registering for the MTN WhereRU service via the MTN WhereRU website (www.mtnwhereru.co.za). A monthly subscription fee will be billed against your Vodacom account. Please refer to the 'Costs' menu of this website for more information.

Suspend Locator Suspending a locator will result in that locator being unable to track you until you unsuspend him/her. The advantage of this action is that it's temporary, meaning the locator need not re-add you to his mobile phone, and you will not have to re-consent to being located.

Track See Locate .

USSD Unstructured Supplementary Service Data : Makes use of GSM communication technology to send text between a mobile phone and an application programme, such as MTN WhereRU. One of the ways in which you can use MTN WhereRU from your mobile phone is by using the USSD Main Menu. Dial *120*911# from your Vodacom mobile phone to access the MTN WhereRU Main Menu.

WAP Wireless Application Protocol: Allows you access the Internet with a WAP-enabled mobile phone. WAP can be used either via GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) or Dial-up/CSD.

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