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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register to MTN WhereRU™?
2. What are the charges for MTN WhereRU™?
3. How do I locate someone
4. How many cellphone numbers can I locate?
5. Can I locate any cellphone network I like?
6. How does a cellphone user provide consent?
7. Can I do a location of a cellphone which is switched off or is out of coverage?
8. How can a cellphone user stop me from locating them after they have consented?
9. Will I be notified when somebody has stopped me from locating them?
10. Can any cellphone be used for this service?
11. How accurate are the locations?
12. Can I use MTN WhereRU™ on a Dual Call contract?
13. For further information who do I contact?

1. How do I register to MTN WhereRU™?
SMS the word REGISTER to 31911

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