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You can only block / unblock your mobile number from new locators in two ways:
a) USSD Main Menu
b) WAP


  a) USSD Main Menu


Dial *120*911# and select "7. Block"

You will be presented with the following message:


A blocked phone can only be located by existing locators. No new locators can be added. Are you sure you wish to block your phone?
1. Block
#. Exit to main menu

    Select "1. Block" to confirm the action.

Once blocked your main menu will be presented again:

MTN WhereRU:
1. Add mobile user
2. Find mobile user
3. Name mobile user
4. Who can find me?
5. Who can I find?
6. Reports
7. Unblock
8. Personal settings
    To unblock your phone to new locators select "7. Unblock".
    You will be presented with the following message:

Are you sure you wish to unblock your phone to new locators?
1. Unblock
#. Exit to main menu

    New locators will be allowed to add your mobile number 24 hours after unblocking your phone.
  b) WAP
    Go to wap.MTNWhereRU.co.za:
    You will be logged in automatically so please make sure you are using the correct number.
    Click the "Block Locators" or the "Unblock Locators" link on the main menu. The action that will be available to select will depend on your current status.
    NOTE: If you unblock locators it will take 24 hrs for the process to complete and the action status to change.
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