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5. WHO CAN FIND ME? (View and (un-)suspend locators)

You can view, suspend or unsuspend locators in 3 ways:
a) USSD Main Menu
b) Online
c) WAP


  a) USSD Main Menu

Dial *120*911# and select "2. Who can find me?"

You will be presented with the following menu:


Who can find me?
1. View Locators
2. Assign Nickname
3. Cancel Locator
4. Suspend Locator
5. Unsuspend Locator
0. Return


The view function allows you to see which mobile numbers can currently locate you.

    Suspending a locator will result in that mobile user being unable to locate you until you unsuspend him/her. The advantage of this action is that the locator need not re-add you to his mobile phone, and you will not have to re-consent to being located.
  b) Online
    Go to www.mtnwhereru.co.za:
    Login using your mobile number and Internet PIN.
    Select the "Locate" tab.
    You will be presented with a list of all mobile numbers that may locate you in the "Who can find me?" table. Check the "Suspended" box (far right column) to change the status of a specific locator.
    Click on "Update My Locators" when finished.
  c) WAP
    Go to wap.MTNWhereRU.co.za:
    You will be logged in automatically so please make sure you are using the correct number.
    Select the "Who Can Find Me?" link.
    You will be presented with a list of all mobile numbers that may locate you. Click the nickname / mobile you would like to change. Then click the "Suspend" or "Unsuspend" depending on the status you would like that locator to have.
    NOTE: If you unsuspend a locator it will take 24 hrs for the process to complete.
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