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Cancelling a locator will result in the locator having to re-add you mobile number to his account. This means that you will have to re-consent to being located. This option should be avoided unless you wish never again to be located by the locator.
You can cancel locators in 4 ways:
a) SMS
b) USSD Main Menu
c) Online
d) WAP
  a) SMS
    Should you wish to cancel a locator send the following SMS to 31911, containing that locator's number:
    You will receive the following SMS reply:
    083XXXXXXX is no longer an authorised locator. The mobile number can no longer locate you.
    Should you wish to cancel all locators send the following SMS to 31911:
    Please ensure that you receive a confirmation SMS stating that the specified mobile number(s) is no longer able to locate you. If you do not receive this message please repeat the process.
  b) USSD Main Menu

Dial *120*911# and select "4. Who can find me?" Select "2. Cancel".

You will be presented with a list of numbers that can find you:


1. John
2. Peter
3. Sally
4. Janet
#. Previous menu

    Select the mobile number you wish to cancel.
  c) Online
    Go to www.mtnwhereru.co.za:
    Login using your mobile number and Internet PIN.
    Select the "Locate" tab.
    You will be presented with a list of all mobile numbers that may locate you in the "Who can find me?" table. Check the "Remove" box for the locator you want to remove.
    Click on "Update My Locators" when finished.
  d) WAP
    Go to wap.MTNWhereRU.co.za:
    You will be logged in automatically so please make sure you are using the correct number.
    Select the "Who Can Find Me?" link.
    You will be presented with a list of all the mobile numbers that may locate you. Click the nickname / mobile you would like to change. Then click the "Cancel Locator" link to remove that locator from being able to locate you.
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